3 Tiny Habits that Can Help You Shift Into a Growth Mindset

In the worlds of psychology and business, you’ll often hear the terms ‘growth mindset’ and ‘fixed mindset’. Mindset in general refers to the learned attitudes you’ve adopted over time; so a growth mindset is the attitude that you can always change for the better whereas a fixed mindset means you believe that you’re stuck with... Continue Reading →

Knocking on the door

All my life I sought to be better, to improve myself. I truly believe that hard work pays off, but when? To believe without failure. To keep pushing without hesitation. Sometimes it gets rough, really really rough and that’s when you better keep trying, you better keep working it out. Victory is right at your... Continue Reading →


"Happiness is not a journey, it is a destination."Buddhahttps://anchor.fm/gerniecca-gordon4/episodes/CRUSH-YOUR-WAY-TO-HAPPINESS-AND-SUCCESS-SERIES-PT--2-e1actb3 Do little setbacks ruin your whole day? Stop making mountains out of molehills and see those small annoyances for what they really are."Will it really matter in 5 years?" That simple question can allow you to let go of a lot of stress, both in business... Continue Reading →

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