Creating Better Online Habits for a More Focused Day

Part of good personal development in regard to your business life and personal life includes creating better online habits so that you can achieve more focus throughout your day. I get it we are all super busy, wearing so many hats. I often catch myself saying that there just isn't enough time in the day,... Continue Reading →

Sorry to Me

Sorry me, i’ve been gone for a little while. It’s been a struggle getting here but I’m so glad to be back!

My Way!

Ain’t nothing like being a creative entrepreneur and working for yourself. You can dress how you wanna dress, wear your hair how you want to and use your vision your creativity to cultivate something that you want to bring into this world. You can add value and help others, by offering employment, useful services or... Continue Reading →

Knocking on the door

All my life I sought to be better, to improve myself. I truly believe that hard work pays off, but when? To believe without failure. To keep pushing without hesitation. Sometimes it gets rough, really really rough and that’s when you better keep trying, you better keep working it out. Victory is right at your... Continue Reading →

Time for You

Do people make time for who and what they want. I believe so! You’re not that busy that you can’t make the time to see someone, whom you “claim” is important to you. You are not that busy that you can’t return a phone call or check on someone. People do what they want to... Continue Reading →

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